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Wednesday February 21st 2018

Winter Vacation Ideas

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Just because it’s cold where you are doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break from the snow, salt, wind and the people at work.  In fact, all the more reason to getaway.  Depending where you are headed, you may find the best prices to locations you’ve always wanted to go are on sale (known as off-peak).  After all of the stress related to Christmas, Family and the inevitable return to work – what could be better than a sunny getaway to take back a little ‘me’ time?

Don’t live in a cold climate, no problem – why not try a few winter (snow) related activities?  Here are a few travel ideas to help with your winter getaway – separated by the types of travel you might be interested in doing.

Getting Warm Stateside

  • Florida – Miami, Key West, Tampa, Orlando, Panama City – take your pick.  If sun, sand and warm weather is your thing – you can’t go wrong in Florida.
  • New Orleans – NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) is an excellent warm weather getaway.  Whether partying, culture or nature is your thing – NOLA has it all.
  • San Diego – Though not as hot as Miami, its temperature can best be described as ‘pleasant’ year round.  The world famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World and miles of beaches makes San Diego an excellent getaway.

Cold Weather Related

  • Skiing – There are a number of options if you are looking to do a little skiing or snowmobiling.  Though not as famous as the slopes in Colorado, the East Coast offers a few spots for those not will to make the haul to Aspen.  This list can help you locate the nearest ski resort regardless of where you live.
  • Cabin Rentals – Wherever there are mountains – there are usually cabins.  A quick Google search on “cabin rentals + Your_State should yield various price points and amenities.  Options include everything from a true log cabin with no electricity to log cabin ‘looking’ mansions with movie rooms, Internet and in-house Jacuzzis.


  • Caribbean – Both Jamaica and the Bahamas offer close and relatively cheap travel from the East Coast.  Montego Bay and Nassau respectively are excellent choices.
  • Puerto Rico – Though not really international – the flight and the fact that Spanish is the official language makes it feel that way.  No matter – you get to enjoy a tropical location without going through customs.  Win-Win in my book!
  • South America – Though a lot more expensive, Argentina and Brazil are on most American’s Bucket List.  As an added benefit, the US winter is the middle of South America’s summer.  Hotties on the beach in Rio – need I say more?

Family Fun

  • Orlando – Disney World, Universal Studios and warm weather.  What else could the kiddies want?
  • Los Angeles – Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios are just a few family friendly activities in Los Angeles.  Several miles of beaches don’t hurt either.


  • Paris – Ahh, the City of Love.  Yes it’s cold in Paris during the winter – but this is just an excuse to get closer to your mate.
  • San Francisco – With relatively pleasant weather year around, San Francisco is a good place to really get into another person.  Take a trip down to the Embarcadero, eat dinner with a view of the Bay/Golden State Bridges or share in a wine tasting excursion to one of the many local vineyards.


  • Miami Beach – Hot weather and hot bodies is a recipe for success.  If you can’t have a weekend’s worth of fun in Miami – you can’t have fun anywhere.
  • Hedonism, Negril, Jamaica – Check your commitments at the door.  All nude and/or swingers environment is designed to let all of your inhibitions go – and I mean all of them.

Out of the Ordinary

  • Dog SleddingNow this is hard core winter fun.  In the US, the best and most fulfilling place to engage in this activity is in the great state of Alaska.  A number of Alaska operators offer dog sledding tours from 2 to 14 days.  You can choose to be a passenger on a professionally managed team or learn and command (mush) your own dog sled team. If you want the authentic experience, Alaska is the only way to do it.  Can’t make it all the way to Alaska – no problem, this outfit in New England offers 2 and 3 night mushing adventures.
  • Stay in an Ice HotelYea I said it – an entire hotel made of ice.   The walls, fixtures, and fittings are made entirely of ice, and are held together using a substance known as “snice”, which takes the place of mortar in a traditional brick-built hotel.  Believe it or not, there are several ice hotels across the globe – pick one and go!  One suggestion though, go with someone you want to snuggle up with – I hear it gets a lil cold in these places ;o)
  • Stay in an Underwater Hotel – For a truly wild experience, stay at the Poseidon underwater hotel (pictured above) of the Fiji Islands – which is a full 40ft underwater.  3 of the 4 walls in each room are floor to ceiling glass (acrylic actually) and each room has 270 degree views of the ocean. The hotel also includes an underwater library, conference room, wedding chapel, spa and access to the company owned submarine.  You can have all of this for the low, low price of $30,000 US per week.

Surprisingly Not So Great

The places below sound like they would be interesting trips no matter what time of year you decide to visit.  My experience is – not so much!  Think twice before booking a trip to these destinations – there’s a reason they are on sale in the winter.

  1. Las Vegas – Most Easterners think – “Vegas – that’s in the desert right?  It’s always hot there”.  Not so fast.  Las Vegas can get down to the 30s from December through February in the evenings.  Even with daytime highs in the low 60s, this isn’t necessary the weather to ‘let it all hang out’ now is it?
  2. New York City – Driving in the snow, waiting on a cab or – gasp – freezing your ass off on the EL platform waiting on the train.  Really?  Whose idea of fun is this??  Skip it until April.
  3. Beijing/Shanghai – Hong Kong is sub-tropical, so it rarely gets below 65F.  On the other hand, Beijing & Shanghai are not – try 28F with a foot of snow.  This is why there are plenty of sales to these destinations.  What good is the Great Wall if it’s covered in snow?
  4. Europe – Cold, drab, gloomy, rainy – I could go on – but why?

Those are my ideas – share your thoughts below.

Happy Travels

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