“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain
Friday February 23rd 2018

Spring Break Travel Ideas

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Hooray – it’s spring time again!!  After a long winter stuck in the house, spring is here and it’s time to get out and see the world.  The US experienced one of the most severe winters in recent history with 49 of the 50 states getting snow – Washington, DC getting 56 inches in a week.  Yikes!!!

Now that all of the freezing weather is a distant memory, it’s go time baby!!!  Luckily, the current economic conditions and its effect on the travel industry means there are still plenty of spring travel deals available.

Here are a few suggestions to get away and recharge your batteries after such a devastating winter.

Spring Break – Partying

  • Miami – No surprise here – fun, sun, hot weather and hot women/men.  No need for a passport or to deal with customs in order to get this wonder beach location.  While not a huge watersport destination, just about everyone is wearing their bathing suits and the parties don’t stop.  For a little change of pace, get away from Ocean Drive for a while and head to Little Havana, Ft. Lauderdale or even Key West.
  • Cancun – If getting out the country is your thing – you can’t beat the sun and fun of Cancun.  Spring is the best time to go to Cancun, as the summer brings intense heat, significant rain and possible Hurricanes.  Watersports are plentiful – kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and miles of beach are all excellent ways to enjoy yourself in Cancun.

Spring Break – Family

  • Camping – What better way to bring the family together than a camping trip?  Whether you Tent camp and cook/roast marshmallows over an open flame, stay in a mini-camper/RV or a luxurious log cabin complete with Jacuzzi, big-screen TVs and even Internet access, camping can be an excellent time to reconnect with the entire family.
  • Grand Canyon – Speaking of camping, the Grand Canyon is an excellent place to camp out with your family.  Even if you don’t want to camp in the Canyon, the stunning views, whitewater rafting excursions or a helicopter ride into the canyon are well worth a trip.  A short drive to the Hoover Dam is also a worthy add-on.


  • Panama City, FL – If you just want to relax on the beach or participate in some form of water activities, Panama City Beach is an excellent Florida destination.  No longer the “Red Neck Rivera”, Panama City is becoming the destination of choice – not just for folks living on the East Coast but from the Mid-West and Southwest regions as well.
  • Bahamas – If beaches, culture and warm & friendly people are your idea of fun – look no further than Nassau Bahamas.  Whether you need a $37,000 a night private island of your own or a more budget friendly all-inclusive beach-front experience, the Bahamas have you covered.  If fishing is your thing – the Bimini Islands Bahamas is the way to go – offering up to 30ft clear visibility into the sea and some of the best big game fishing in the western hemisphere.


  • Washington, DC – Spring is the time the famous cherry blossoms bloom in and around the District.  Take a stroll along the Tidal Basin in front of the Jefferson Memorial with your lover or take a truly intimate walk through the National Mall at night.  Washington, DC now has a ton of excellent restaurants and nightlife options to keep you busy.
  • Hawaii – These wonderful strings of islands are still struggling to recover from the current World recession – which means excellent opportunities for all travelers.  The beautiful landscapes, marvelous sunsets and excellent watersports still exist – there are simply fewer crowds and less expensive to do now.  How can you beat that?


  • Singles Cruise – Decades ago, one could not get away on a vacation by themselves without being looked upon as an outcast or with pity.  Times have changed and there’s an entire travel market specifically designed for single travelers.  This spring, take a 3-5 day “Singles Only” themed cruise with Royal Caribbean or Carnival from popular post like Florida or California.
  • Las Vegas – While Vegas isn’t necessarily the best place to visit in the winter, it is certainly a worthy destination for your Spring Break dollars.  Las Vegas is much more comfortable in the spring than in the summer – summertime temperatures can get well above 110 degrees.  As for things to do in Las Vegas, the list is pretty extensive – including the ‘normal’ gambling and stage shows – to the lesser known but equally fun indoor skydiving, dune buggy adventures and the Gun Store.

Out of the Ordinary

  • Scuba Diving – There’s nothing like scuba diving – the feeling of weightlessness along with some the most spectacular scenery available on this earth.  Upfront costs can be steep (certification, mask, fins, etc.); but after you ‘dive in’, Scuba Diving is a relatively cheap hobby – about $50-$75 a trip.  Many beach resorts – like those in Hawaii, Florida, Bahamas, Cancun, etc. offer a ‘Discover Scuba’ adventure – which is essentially a 3-hour guided diving experience with the safety of an instructor.  Once you are hooked on diving by the Discover Scuba adventure, you can complete your certification in about 3 days – usually from the same resorts.
  • Air Combat – This is an activity I just learned about and is now at the top of my gotta do list.  There are several companies that offer real dogfighting (aerial combat) adventures in either WWII airplanes or real F15 fighter jets.  After a 2-3 hour training session, you actually get to fly the plane – No previous flying experience is necessary.  Most of the companies that offer this are out west (Arizona & California), but many do traveling tours to various military and/or private airports.  If getting into the real thing isn’t your cup of tea, flight simulators may be the way to go.  Certainly expensive, but what can I say – you only live once!

Safety Warning – With all of the recent violence in Mexico, I cannot recommend many of the popular destinations – including Acapulco, Tijuana, or Mexico City.  Drug gang related killings are rampant and have begun to affect tourists (an American couple was recently murdered while putting their 1-year old in the back seat).  Because of this, the US State Department has issued a Travel Warning for the entire country.  My suggestion is to confine your travels to Cancun or nearby Playa de Carmen if you have a desire to go to Mexico.

Let us know if you have some Spring Break Ideas.

Happy Travels!!

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