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My Bucket List

Posted By Jay On December 15, 2009 @ 12:01 am In Bucket List & Future Plans,Travel Advice | 10 Comments

“Bucket List” – A term brought back into recent consciousness by the 2008 film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Simply put – a Bucket List is a list of accomplishments you wish to achieve prior to your death, i.e., kicking the bucket.  These accomplishments can be anything, such as achieving a degree, financial status, meeting a person – whatever you like.  This article will focus on my Travel Bucket List.  I’m sharing my personal bucket list in hopes of sparking others to do the same, thereby expanding our collective understanding of the world around us.

The list below contains my current Bucket List with a short blurb as to why I’d like to go.  The funny thing is, there were 13 places when I initially created this list – and even after visiting a number of places on the list – it’s actually grown.  In any case, here are my travel bucket list ideas.

Absolutely Have to Get There Bucket List

Penguins Antarctica Completed December 2011
How many people do you know can say they’ve been to the South Pole? Sail through the Drake Passage and get up close and personal with Penguins, Polar Bears, and Whales.
Cuba Completed March 2010
If you listen to popular news and a certain demographic in the sunshine state, you’d think this little Caribbean island is the worst place in the world. With the 2nd highest literacy rate in the world and ‘no one’ sleeping on the streets – can’t be all that bad. Point is – you must decide for yourself.
Hanoi-Saigon Vietnam Hanoi-Saigon Vietnam Completed Nov 2012
The war was a little before my time – but it would be nice to get a better understanding of what our soldiers went through and what has become of these two places 40+ years later.
South Africa South Africa Completed August 2010
Start in cultural Johannesburg, on to Soweto, safari in Kruger National Park and finish up with shark cage diving in Cape Town.
South America South America Completed Sept 2010
Three city tour – Santiago, Chile > Buenos Aires, Argentina > Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Priceless!

Would Like to Get There Before I Kick

Dominican Republic **
Just as pretty a Rio (in every way) – but much closer and safer.
Bangkok, Thailand **
The food, Kickboxing and diving in Phuket!
Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea **
Huge metropolis and a techie’s dream. Good knockoffs too ;o)
Yellowstone National Park/Mount Rushmore
Yellowstone National Park/Mt. Rushmore **
Two of the most recognizable park destinations in the US.
Northwest Passage, Alaska - Northern Lights, Canada
Northwest Passage, Northern Lights**
Some of the most stunning views in North America
Fiji Islands/New Zealand
Beautiful sand & diving. Catching a Killer Whale eat a seal would be nice too.
Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece **
The history of Western Civilization
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Port of Spain, Trinidad
I hear there’s nothing like the Carnival in Trinidad.
Costa Rica
Costa Rica **
Where else can you find the City, Beaches, Volcanoes and the Jungle in one place?
San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico**
No passport needed – enjoy the culture.
Madrid, Spain **
Old world architecture. Oh yea, I want to run with the bulls.
Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile **
Best seafood from nearly 3,000 miles of coast line.

With so many places on my list, it’s hard trying to figure out .

Completed Bucket List (Click the links below to read my reviews)

Tell me what’s on your Bucket List???

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