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Travel Blogs I Dig (aka Blogroll)

Posted By Jay On January 19, 2011 @ 9:00 am In Featured Articles | 1 Comment

As I have been gallivanting across the globe the last couple of years, I’ve encountered a number of new experiences and met a ton of interesting people. Many of these folks have become addicted to exploring the world as much as I have and detail their experiences through their blog(s). Some of these folks have been kind enough to link to this site from those blogs – which until now, I hadn’t returned the favor. So this is my new living and breathing Travel Blogs I Dig page (aka Blogroll). I can vouch that each of the sites below contain excellent content (intelligently written, thought-provoking, funny or all of the above) and post new articles relatively frequently – many of which I personally read. Enjoy!!!!

Travel Bloggers I Dig

A View to a Thrill A View to a Thrill

Where a strong desire to travel is merged with the reality of limited funds. Our goal is to help you sample the world at a fraction of the price.

African American – Latino World African American – Latino World

I was born in St. Louis, MO, raised in New York City; studied at the State University of New York at Albany before serving on the U.S. Naval aircraft carrier USS Ranger in the Communications Division. Now, I live in Oakland, CA and work in San Francisco as a bilingual counselor.

Around the World 'L'! Around the World ‘L’!

Lillie is a 29 year old, six foot tall Boston high school teacher who embarked on a nine month voyage around the world. Stop by to read her interesting takes on travel in far flung places like Laos, Ghana, Thailand, Spain and Cambodia – just to name a few.

BlackAtlas BlackAtlas

A unique online community that offers travel insights from an African-American perspective. Much of our content is from the African-American community itself. Members are business-focused, family oriented, socially active and explorers at heart. If you love traveling and have a sense of discovery, BlackAtlas may be for you.

American Black Chick in Europe American Black Chick in Europe

Well, I’m American. And a black chick. In Europe. Join me as I contemplate whatever’s on my mind: interracial relationships/dating, the state of the black community, politics, my (pseudo) expat life, those crazy Europeans, whatever.

BrownGirlsFly BrownGirlsFly

HBrownGirlsFly (broun gûrlz flī) n., pl. – Two sisters, Chelle & Crystal, who are passionate about the art of travel and who obsess over languages & cultures, great deals, stretching our travel budget to the max, and inspiring others to start their own travel adventures.

Fat Juicy Oyster Fat Juicy Oyster

Have sass. Will travel!!!

Fly Brother Fly Brother

I don’t experience the world via a culturally “neutral,” “color-blind,” “American” matrix. I live life in full color, just like I travel”. Pretty Fly!

Haute Travels Haute Travels

In this blog, I’ll take you along to haute destinations and boutiques that will make you forget all about your budget. I’ll also tell you about must-have beauty products for your travel bag that make you smile. It’s my way of leaving a global footprint around the world… and a little part of me with everyone that I meet.

I'm Black and I Travel I’m Black and I Travel

For a long time, I wasn’t sure what to call this blog, until the day my wife told her co-workers how we go “wherever” and independently plan our own trips. They were stunned. “Is your husband white?” one asked. Just like that, I had a title. It’s your world. It’s time you had a look at it.

Kiratiana Travels Kiratiana Travels

In conjunction with the book, I decided to start a travel blog: Kiratiana Travels: Let a Black Girl Show You the World. I don’t just want to show people how to travel every other year….I want to do it EVERYDAY!

MoTravels MoTravels

From Amsterdam to Zanzibar on romantic rendezvous, family vacations, girlfriend getaways, solo sojourns or everyday expat experiences. Join her on her journeys!

Oneika the Traveler Oneika the Traveler

High school teacher who loves to travel!! Lived for two years in France before moving to Monterrey, Mexico to teach for a year. Taught in Toronto for a year after that, then moved to Hong Kong to teach in August 2009. Read about my travel adventures!

Outdoor Afro Outdoor Afro

Outdoor Afro is a community that reconnects African-Americans with natural spaces and one another through recreational activities such as camping, hiking, biking, fishing, gardening, skiing — and more.

Solo Friendly Solo Friendly

I created this website so I could share my experiences on the road and what I’ve learned during my solo travels, provide useful links to online travel resources and generate some interest in solo travel among people who haven’t yet taken the plunge.

Urban Travel Girl Urban Travel Girl

Ciao, and welcome to UrbanTravelGirl, a blog featuring my thoughts on black women living globally through international travel. I’m a passionate believer in the ability of travel to not only transform the way we see the world, but ourselves. I don’t believe in letting other folks define ME — and you shouldn’t, either!.

So there you have it – my Blogroll so far. If you think there are other excellent travel blogs that should be on this list, please let me know by adding a comment below. In the meantime, take a look at my Best Sites to Find Travel Deals, How to Avoid Scams and Travel Planning Sites I Like (save money) articles. As always, happy travels!

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